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I want to hear your success stories with a specific trading strategy.

I'm pretty much a beginner in everything that has to do with crypto. I've only traded forex for about a year, but nothing serious, more like a part-time hobby for when I would remember that I had such a hobby. Either way, we all know that's not forex trading works, so you could imagine I never manage to name it an income. I chose this subreddit because I only trade Ethereum at the moment. I'm looking into some other crypto, but that's not the main focal point here.

Coming from a bit of forex trading, I looked into how the scalping strategy is developed in crypto as well. There are quite a few articles on the topic, so I decided that it's worth a shot as it's the only type of trading that I have some vague knowledge of. I'm doing a free trial month right now on this scalping terminal to see whether it would actually work for me. I wonder if there are any of you that use this strategy as your main trading process or others that stopped using it for various motives? Any story can be informative.

Apart from this I also want to hear what strategy brought you your biggest success in the domain. The internet is full of articles like this one on what strategies are out there, what are the best ones for beginners, etc. I've read a lot of them, but they are just basic theoretical stuff that can have no actual relevance once you want to practice it. That's why I'm super intrigued to hear actual stories, from real people that experienced them and that can give actual advice on the subject.

To be honest, even those of you that have unsuccessful stories to tell, write along, so the others can learn from them.

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