Life-changing money is probably a lot less than you think

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Life-changing money is probably a lot less than you think

Many of us are here in the hopes of early retirement, purchasing a house, being able to work a lot less, etc. How much money would it take to do that? A million dollars? Half a million?

I left the US many years ago just to explore and I found myself never wanting to return. Part of that is due to the incredible lifestyle I'm afforded with money that could barely cover the rent in many US cities.

There are hundreds of thousands like myself, living abroad and working only when we want to. I've met hundreds of people doing as little as teaching English 3 hours a day who own houses in foreign countries.

Depending on where you'd like to live, many countries offer generous tourist visas, often easy to renew, and a cost of living that is a mere fraction of that in developed countries.

I'm not a numbers guy, so I don't have statistics or any breakdown of salary and costs and whathaveyou. But I can tell you from my own experiences that your personal moon can be even more within reach if you are willing to look beyond your borders.

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