The Origins of HODL

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The Origins of HODL

The Origins of HODL

As we're approaching the 2m sub mark at a pace faster then ships through the Suez canal, many newbies have no idea wtf this simple four letter legendary crypto word came from.

“HODL,” one of the most frequently used terms in the cryptocurrency world, originated years ago from a typo. December 2013, user GameKyuubi posted an entry titled “I AM HODLING” in a bitcoin forum. “I type d that tyitle twice because I knew it was wrong the first time,” he wrote in the first sentence of a drunken post loaded with typos and phrases in all caps.

The misspelled “HODL” quickly circulated among the crypto community and the rest is history. Here is that famous rant. Pretty fucking hilarious too.

Edit: I found the original post if you have a half hour spare its a fun read, some amazing comments in retrospect if some of those posters just did hodl!


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