Some Things I Have Found Helpful as a Newbie

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Some Things I Have Found Helpful as a Newbie

I haven't been in the crypto world very long (started diving in only a few months before I found this sub), but people on here have been extremely helpful. I wanted to share some of the things that have helped me get started.

One of the most helpful things to me was the website I am so thankful to the beautiful human that made that site. It really helped me understand market caps and have realistic expectations. What it does is pretty much compare different coin's market caps to each other. It will show you where a coin would be if they had the market cap of Bitcoin etc. Some coins that I thought were "cheap" actually didn't have a lot of room to grow because their circulating supply was so large. If you are new I recommend messing around with that website.

Another helpful tip (which I am sure most of you know) is to use coinbase pro to transfer funds instead of coinbase. If you have a coinbase account already you have a pro account automatically. You can log in with your coinbase credentials and it will save you so much on fees. I am so glad people told me that because I was spending a lot of money on coinbase with fiat transfers.

The last thing I will mention is the fact that if you believe in the projects you invest in, then normal market dips won't bother you as much because you have faith it will go back up. Someone said this and it really stuck with me.

Anyways that is all for now. I can finally post on here and just wanted to share.

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