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Best way to mine RVN

Hey everyone, i've been interested in mining for quite a number of years now and have finally started to do the research now that i have time and some hardware on my hands. I have a 3070 strix 8Gb, and my old GTX770 4GB.

I started out with nicehash to mine BTC for a few days as it was an easy start. Then i setup Lolminer for ETH. And finally Unminable to mine ETHC and convert to RVN. I am interested in trying to utilize my 770 albeit I'm not sure how 'worth it' it really is. The only way I can actually get my 770 to mine is through unminable. Nicehash only recognizes my 10700k for CPU mining and my 3070 for GPU. Same goes for lolminer.

Currently with unminable, i can only use the low setting, and ETHc. 3070 is at -110 core, +1000 memory, 60% power. 770 is at +100 core, +400 memory, 100% power. If I switch to ETH, or high speed it crashes.

Is there anything I should be doing differently? Should I bin the 770 and just use my 3070 to mine ETH and convert to RVN? I'd love to expand and mine more, but with availability of cards it just doesn't make sense right now, especially with all older 4Gb cards reaching the end of their life cycle. Feel free to hit me up or bullshit as I clearly have alot to learn.

Shameless plug if anyone wants to try unminable or is in the same boat as me. ryw4-s4wz is my referral code. Mods let me know if this is not allowed and I'll remove.

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