Why do people hardly upvote posts on here anymore?

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Why do people hardly upvote posts on here anymore?

I’ve noticed a significant downtrend in post upvotes lately, to the point where I’ve seen countless decent, useful posts with 100+ comments – yet they have zero upvotes. On pretty much any other sub, posts like that would definitely have got a reasonable amount of upvotes.

What’s causing this?

Is this just people suppressing by downvoting? This frankly makes ZERO sense as so much MOON gets distributed each month across so many members, downvoting will make pretty much ZERO difference to your allocation! That theory is a waste of time.

Maybe people are more precious with their upvotes, again it makes zero sense – upvoting helps people find quality content on this group – that is the whole point of upvotes.

I’m going to actively start upvoting decent, original content – remember, that’s the whole point!

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