There is an incredible amount of useful and up to date information all over this subreddit. Thank YOU!

Cryptocurrency News and Public Mining Pools

There is an incredible amount of useful and up to date information all over this subreddit. Thank YOU!

Hey there fellow Cryptonians! This sub has been my new favourite from the moment I joined. Everyone here is so helpful and I am very excited to join the community! I just set up my fault and can’t wait to see how many moons I can generate so I can have a badass username and donate moons to you beautiful people for your hard work.

My interest in market research has increased exponentially in the last 60 odd days. Last year I only had an investment portfolio run by an automatic broker called Wealthsimple. Had no idea how the market worked besides some very basic economics. Wish I would’ve been involved sooner and could’ve rode this wave up since the pandemic. Since mid Feb I’ve started to become intrigued and opened a trade account to invest my money that was otherwise sitting in my bank account or a drawer.

Fast forward to a week ago when my buddy and I talked about our recent interest in investing our money with trading. We finished our chat with him recommending I look into cryptocurrency (should this be all one word?). I’ve spent most of my spare time researching block chain technology, the difference of PoS and PoW networks, crypto wallets, and everything else in between. I’m barely scratching the surface of what there is to understand but this community is accelerated my ability to do so! I’ve saved so many posts and I’m going back and reading through all the thorough DD from so many different sources.

Anyway this is mostly just an appreciation post from a new member to the community. I look forward to being able to bring some friends into this group and bring more hype about crypto and this digital revolution! But while I have you here…any tips about where and when to store your crypto? Do you offload your crypto at certain increments? Do you let anything sit in Binance for example or do you immediately transfer it off after you trade?

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