Why does it cost so much to make a unique token?

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Why does it cost so much to make a unique token?

From https://ravencoin.org/whitepaper/ link to road map is


" Asset Support

Ravencoin will be a hard fork that extends Raven to include the ability to issue and transfer assets. The expected release of asset capabilities will be approximately seven months after the release of RVN. Raven will be extended to allow issuing, reissuing, and transfer of assets. Assets can be reissuable or limited to a set supply at the point of issuance. The cost to create assets will be 500 RVN to create any qty of an asset. Each asset name must be unique. Asset names will be limited to A-Z and 0-9, '' and '.' and must be at least three characters long. The '.' and the '' cannot be the first, or the last character, or be consecutive.

Phase 4 – Unique Assets (Complete)

Once created, assets can be made unique for a cost of 5 RVN. Only non-divisible assets can be made unique. This moves an asset to a UTXO and associates a unique identifier with the txid. From this point the asset can be moved from one address to another and can be traced back to its origin. Only the issuer of the original asset can make an asset unique.The costs to make unique assets will be sent to a burn address.

Some examples of unique assets:

  • Imagine that an art dealer issues the asset named ART. The dealer can then make unique ART assets by attaching a name or a serialized number to each piece of art. These unique tokens can be transferred to the new owner along with the artwork as a proof of authenticity. The tokens ART#MonaLisa and ART#VenusDeMilo are not fungible and represent distinct pieces of art.
  • A software developer can issue the asset with the name of their software ABCGAME, and then assign each ABCGAME token a unique id or license key. The game tokens could be transferred as the license transfers. Each token ABCGAME#398222 and ABCGAME#398223 are unique tokens.
  • In game assets. A game ZYX_GAME could create unique limited edition in-game assets that are owned and used by the game player. Example: ZYX_GAME#Sword005 and ZYX_GAME#Purse
  • RVN based unique assets can be tied to real world assets. Create an asset named GOLDVAULT. Each gold coin or gold bar in a vault can be serialized and audited. Associated unique assets GOLDVAULT#444322 and GOLDVAULT#555994 can be created to represent the specific assets in the physical gold vault. The public nature of the chain allows for full transparency. "

I wanted to burn 5 coins and make an artwork token for fun to try. But at the price of 505 raven tokens to make a unique token is way to much. For 5 all good.

We want people to burn tokens I think to make less in supply. Also we want raven to be used for as many reasons as possible. I feel we should have the cost to create tokes cheaper. Would it have a negative like making transactions more? Not sure if a negative for allowing cheaper token creation cost. Thanks for reading.

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