Crypto Youtubers Tier List

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Crypto Youtubers Tier List

This is the list I wish I could find when I started out, it would have saved me a lot of money and time.

S Tier:

Benjamin Cowen: Best at Macro and long term Technical Analysis, Always a calm head in this crazy market, his favorite saying is "what's a few trillions among friends"

JRNY Crypto: Best channel for MID cap coins, he consistently made good calls, most coins he shilled went up and stayed up (he doesn't dump on his followers), but even him couldn't help LTC :/

Coin Bureau: Best educational Crypto channel, if I put him in a lower tier this sub will assassinate me (he is also not a financial advisor as he will let you know in literally every video)

A Tier:

UpOnlytv: Best Crypto podcast imo, not only it is super informative, it's very entertaining.

Digital Assets News: Had some great calls, this Prediction video is his best and it's aging like fine wine

Bob Loukas: The voice of reason in Crypto, he thinks so long term, that he only posts a video like every Bitcoin Cycle.

Finematics: If you are in it for the tech this channel is great at making complicated concepts simple.

Dave Levine: If there was such a thing as ETH Maxis association this guy would be the CEO, he is an OG that went through multiple cycles.

Crazy4crypto: He was shilling Theta and ZIL before it was cool, he made me a lot of money

Lark Davis: I just watch him because he has cool paintings behind him, but he is good too I guess.

Bankless: Good for people who like longer form of content

Honorable mentions: InvestAnswers, Hashoshi, Daap University, Sheldon Evans, Colin Talks Crypto

Suggested by you: Satoshi Stacker, Andrei jikh, EllioTrades, CrytoRus, cryptokirby, Cryptotwins, Nuggets news

B Tier:

Alexander Lorenzo: He is good at seeing crypto from an Business entrepreneurial standpoint but what he makes those thumbnail faces, and only makes vids on hot coins.

Ivan on Tech: The guy who brought us "Respect da pump" (this is a joke please avoid this guy)

C, D, E, F, Z Tiers:

I would be here all day, but as a general rule if someone makes stupid faces in the thumbnails, 100x claims, promotes leveraged trading, you should stay away from him, but special shoutout to Bitboy Crypto, he is known for dumping low cap coins on his followers and the Moon channel with his leveraged trading and fake comments (I just made 69x, thanks for you call exaactly as predicted)


DO NOT take any Youtuber's words as gospel, Do your own research, but those are a good start.

If your favorite Youtuber isn't here doesn't mean I hate them, you can add them in the comments

If enough people are interested I'll make a Twitter version of this thread.

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