Tipping my Moon Stack Round 2

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Tipping my Moon Stack Round 2

Alrighty Crypto friends,

As promised (go into my post history and look at the last giveaway) I’m tipping 10 moons to the first 30 people who comment on this post and ask. Unfortunately I only have 10% of the moons I had previously so I’m gonna have to stretch this one a bit more. Next moon distribution I plan on doing the same thing! Also, I won’t get around to tipping you until later tonight since I’m out running errands and enjoying the warm NYC weather.

My ask is the same as before. Use the moons to tip quality submissions on this subreddit. If a post educates you, informs you, or makes you laugh, throw the OP a few moons!!

Love, x0g

Edit: fuckit 5 moons to the first 60 posts. Spread the wealth like a communist baby

Edit 2: make sure you set up ya vaults before I start tipping I’ll just skip you this time

Edit 3: I’ve gotten a few messages telling me I’m a moon farmer. Y’all. I gave out 3.5k moons last time and only got 300 upvotes and even less than that from the moon distribution since it’s not even 1 moon per upvote now. Daddy chill.

Edit 4: I just sent out half of my moons. I stopped on /u/nz1390 . I'll get back to it later tonight and get you all your fake internet gold love u

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