Bear market does not equal a crash to the bottom

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Bear market does not equal a crash to the bottom

Would like to raise a point that many of us expect a bear market to come in the coming months/year. What most people think of when talking about a bear market is the 2018 drama when BTC dropped to $3,7k.

I think we will definitely hit a bear market, but it might be different than what many expect. I don't expect a crash like in 2018, but we might crawl sideways for some time or experience a moderate dip. During a bear market, the NASDAQ doesn't drop 80%.

The difference with 2018 is that crypto has much more matured, and most importantly has shown that crypto is more than a fad by reviving up to the highs we know now. As the world has watched (and regretted) not buying the crypto after the lows after 2018, this will ensure that we will never dip that low again because well before that treshold will be reached many will buy the dip.

I'm a true believer of Gartner's hype cycle, and in my opinion we hit the 'peak of inflated expectations' during the 2018 craze. From now on there will be lows and highs, but there is too much public interest, too much exciting tech and too many onboarded organisations and institutions to ever get back to the bottom (or near the bottom).

So in the coming months, with rising FUD about a bear market, remember Warren's words:

“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”

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