Satoshi Nakamoto Was Anonymous To Protect to You.

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Satoshi Nakamoto Was Anonymous To Protect to You.

The most common theory why Satoshi remained anonymous was out of fear he would be arrested or killed.

Makes sense. He knew what he was doing, he knew the consequences, he knew how the corporate establishment worked.

He knew that the corporate establishment would do ANYTHING to smear him as a bad person. They would have looked into his life and found something wrong, and highlighted that Nationwide through corporate media, and all those non-coiners that you see today saying…

  • cryptocurrency is bad

  • cryptocurrency is used by criminals organizations to hide money

  • crypto is a fad like tulips

  • it has no value

  • it's going to destroy the Earth as we know it.

All of those people would buy into it like a $1,200 iPhone to use for selfies and Facebook only because it makes them feel smart.

But Satoshi didn't only remain anonymous for this reason, he remained anonymous to protect you, he did it for you. He knew the corporate establishment had Mass control over the internet, and your privacy would be invaded like termites in a dead tree.

He knew your information being exposed can be used against you at any time if somebody powerful wanted to ruin your life for going against them.

He knew that if he was smeared that way that there would have been Draconian laws well before 2017 preventing Bitcoin usage.

He knew the only way for it to be adopted before it can be taken down was for most people…

  • not to hear about it before there were already enough adopters

  • not to understand it so the establishment wouldn't understand enough to see it as a threat.

He knew it had to be a very slow adoption.

Now you have countries nervous and trying to compete with it.

That's why China has the…


So hats off to Satoshi

Thanks for helping us establish decentralization against corporate nation.


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