List of 50 Instituional Portfolios: FULLY UPDATED

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List of 50 Instituional Portfolios: FULLY UPDATED

Recently, there was a post listing screens of ~30 Institutional Portfolios through that are only accessible through a paid membership on Messari or a shared link. I figured I would take advantage of my membership and spent about 6 hours modifying outdated portfolios, finding new ones, and creating my own screens. Honestly, everyone should have free access to resources like these, so here they are. I will be updating this list everyday or two until I've listed every institutional portfolio I can find.

Edit: Be careful clicking random links off of Reddit, or anywhere on the internet. I can preach all I want that these are trustworthy, but who are you to take a random person's word off the internet for it? VPNs and anti-virus softwares are your friend, especially in the realm of cryptocurrency.


8 Decimal Capital:

A16Z (Andreessen Horowitz):

Abstract Ventures:

Alameda Research:

Arrington XRP Capital:

Binance Labs:

Blockchain Capital:

Boost Venture Capital:

Breyer Capital:

CMS Holdings:

Coinbase Ventures:

Coinbase (Considerations):



Compound Venture Capital:

Continue Capital:

DeFiance Capital:

Digital Currency Group:

Digital Horizon Venture Capital:

Dragonfly Capital:

Draper Associates Venture Capital:

Electric Capital:

Fabric Ventures:

Fenbushi Capital:

Foundation Capital:

Framework Ventures:

Future Perfect Ventures:

Galaxy Digital Asset Fund:


Grayscale (Considerations):

Hashkey Capital:

Huobi Capital:–D4E9C672

Jump Trading Capital:

Kinetic Capital:


Le Venture:

Limitless Crypto Investments:

MetaStable Capital:

Monday Capital:

Multicoin Capital:

NGC Ventures:

Pantera Capital:


ParaFi Capital:

Placeholder Ventures:

Polychain Capital:

Three Arrows Capital:

Union Square Ventures:

Winklevoss Capital:

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