– The Future of Giving has Arrived!

Cryptocurrency News and Public Mining Pools – The Future of Giving has Arrived! - The Future of Giving has Arrived!

We’ve launched a new Decentralized Application, for creating and donating to ‘for good’ projects and we’d like you, r/Ethereum, to come check it out!

Giveth is a community of changemakers dedicated to building tools using blockchain technology to better human collaboration and coordination. Our DApps connect donors and project creators enabling a means for transparent peer-to-peer giving, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. We allow inspired creators to bring their projects onto the platform and raise funds from donors with cryptocurrency as well as fiat via the Torus Wallet on-ramp.

We’ve been on the block since 2017 with our original Giveth DApp rebranded now as Giveth TRACE. This DApp is designed for users looking for strong layers of security and control over managing contributions.

Our new DApp is streamlined for easy user experience, it allows makers to create projects in minutes and begin receiving donations to their projects. Donors can donate with Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens on Mainnet and xDai network! Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we handle money, its implementation in an area that often lacks transparency is paramount to our mission. Giveth cuts through the red tape of well-intentioned giving and allows seamless peer-to-peer donations; we do not collect a fee for this. All contributions are forever immortalized on the blockchain and can be seen by all!

More features are in the pipeline for the coming weeks and beyond, notably focused on creating a sustainable, well incentivized Giving Economy. We’re nurturing an ever changing project and appreciate community feedback to constantly improve. The future of giving is here. Swing on by and check us out!

Help us Build the Future of Giving: 🦄 Donate directly 🦄 or buy a Ledger with our affiliate link

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