First ever crypto project to receive funding from the German Ministry of Economics – now live on uniswap

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First ever crypto project to receive funding from the German Ministry of Economics – now live on uniswap

Hey guys,

Jay from Germany here 😊

I want to let you know about a pretty promising crypto project I have invested in and which – in my opinion – will soar this year. DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion and no financial advice in any ways. It's a project I think has huge potential, that's why I post it here.

It’s called (NCDT) and is the first crypto project which has received state funding by the German Ministry of Economics. This alone speaks volumes, as our country is anything but progressive when it comes to digitalization πŸ˜‰

Their service focuses on cloud computing – but in a revolutionary way. They want to solve the problem of the high costs of cloud computing, which is mainly provided by the big players like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. In order to achieve that, they came up with a pretty smart concept: They connect the computing power of individual users as well as the idling computing power of companies and make it available to their customers – at a much more affordable price, but without compromising scalability or security.

Individual users can provide their computer power to earn money using, which is a sharing economy platform for network computing based on BOINC. BOINC stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing – yes, these guys have are using this proven system developed by Berkeley University! This allows users to monetize unused computing power of their smartphone, computer or server through the simple to use nuco.client app.

The Professional version of – PRO is designed for large enterprises and professional customers. The system brings more control over the features and an extra layer of security. Customers can choose specific hardware to be used, the latency, throughput, geographic location and the certificates of data security level.

You can check all the details for their use case under nuco dot cloud.

The team is top notch and extremely transparent in their communication, which is a big positive for me.

Last Sunday, they got listed on Uniswap and their liquidity pool also went live. Plus, they’ve launched an exciting liquidity staking program with an APY of 105%, so 26.25% for 90 days of staking:

The staking partner by the way is ferrum, which is known to only work with high profile projects.

As you might notice, I’m very excited for NCDT. But as always, this is no financial advice in any way, but just my personal opinion. DYOR!

Cheers, Jay

P.S.: Here is the link to the source of funding:

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