Clarification: Teslas, Pizzas and Bitcoin

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Clarification: Teslas, Pizzas and Bitcoin

You see a lot of posts right now talking about how dumb it is to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. Just like with the true life story of a pizza paid for with Bitcoin, in the early days.

Sure it makes for a great what if story, but that's not a realistic way to think about it. If you're going to buy a Tesla or a Pizza, at any point in time, it doesn't matter what form of payment you use, one is not dumber than the other just because it will be worth much more in the future.

If you want to buy a Tesla and have the cash, and if you want to hold Bitcoin long-term, those are not mutually exclusive scenarios. Using Bitcoin to buy the Tesla instead of the USD doesn't make you dumb. In fact, if you support Bitcoin and want to push adoption, using Bitcoin to pay for the Tesla is probably the smarter move.

Just make sure you don't use money you want to (or should) have invested to buy something that will lose value over time, like a Tesla (or a TV, or new shoes, whatever). Wait until you have enough toward your long term goals that spending the extra money won't affect them.

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