Something is wrong in my country.

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Something is wrong in my country.

Was just sitting at my couch, watching my retro TV with my pizza and beers as always, when I heard one guy speaking about investing in general and the discussion came to cryptocurrency.

He’s got nice tuxedo, conditioned hair, teeth were kinda like popcorn etc etc.. all things that typical big brain talker wants to have when they have a wheat in their head. Fake figure.

I turned on the volume, he had some good lines about it, but then I froze. I heard him say that Bitcoin will never have a value like gold has just because you can mine gold infinitely. He said that gold is an infinite resource. That his supply is INFINITE. He said that BTC is one big bubble because it’s limited and GOLD is de way because of it infinite supply. What the fuck is he smoking? I just threw my crocs into screen and now I’m watching through the window.

I thought that this guy because of all of his diplomas and weird things before his name would mean and know something but he is totally delirious. Spitting shit on live TV, well, school really isn’t everything.

Fuck me, that’s even worse than The 1/2 Hour News Hour.

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