How I stupidly got scammed and now my wallets are empty (A Story)

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How I stupidly got scammed and now my wallets are empty (A Story)

I got a new phone yesterday and I wanted to figure out how to put my Klever wallet into my new phone. I went to the Klever website and found their telegram community channel so I asked how I could do this.

Almost instantly, “Klever Help Desk” sent me a private message and gave me instructions. The account told me to put my 12 seed phrase into my new Klever account in my new phone, but to also go to and input my private keys / seed to make sure nothing gets “clogged”. I put in my private key and an error message came up. I then messaged “Klever Help Desk” and said an error message popped up when I entered my key, and he told me to just wait 30 minutes since the systems kind of backed up now. Little did I know he was distracting me (so crazy!).

Sure enough minutes later (I took a shower), my wallet was emptied out (I literally saw it being drained) but I was able to save $18 by transferring it to a friend. This is a hard lesson learned and yes I’ll admit I was a complete dumbass for doing that, but I just assumed that a website sent by “Klever Help Desk” from the Klever telegram channel was legit. I’m so naive!

I’m sharing this story in hopes that the website will be taken down, does anybody know where I can report the website so nobody else will get scammed? I am basically just trying to turn this bad situation into something good by trying to get the website down to stop more people from getting scammed and by spreading awareness towards this scheme. I feel like I was part of a heist!

Also, I gave my private key to my BTC, TRX, and Tron Link (Google Chrome Extension). I’m a dumbass! But now I’m being paranoid since my tron link is connected to my Google Chrome. Should I cancel all of my cards, change my passwords, and PayPal? Google Chrome is my main browser for everything.

Is my phone / laptop / chrome bugged? I’m definitely making a new wallet since the scammer has access to my wallet. Any suggestions on what wallet I should use? Tbh I’m kind of scarred so not really knowing where to go from here.

Be alert guys! Don’t be a dumbass like me.

TL;DR I was trying to transfer my wallet to a new phone so I went to the Klever website which lead me to their community channel, and a “Klever Help Desk” messaged me and told me to reuathourise my wallet by using a website (seed and private key).

Don’t give your keys / seed to anyone (yes this includes websites!!)

Edit: To all the people saying I’m dumb, trust me I know! I’m not blaming anyone but myself, I’m sharing my story to raise awareness to these schemes so other people won’t get scammed.

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