Ethereum as Ownership

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Ethereum as Ownership

I am wanting to create something but I am not sure if Ethereum is the right tool for the job.

I want to give people voting rights on a centralized website. These voting rights are to be controlled by the number of "shares" you have in the website/idea. In order to vote, you will need to prove ownership of a share. I was thinking this would be an NFT but everyone has yelled at me since.

What I want is to create shares in a site where the amount of shares increase by X percent every week/month. People who own "shares" in the site will be able to cast their vote (website will somehow verify the person who makes the vote owns the share). I would like that 10% of the sale of the shares will go to the creator of the site (me), similar to how OpenSea handles their NFTs. Then people will be able to vote on different topics I make public. People can either vote or not vote. People will then also be able to transfer ownership by selling the shares on the open market.

Every month your shares would double (for making the explanation easy). Whoever had access to the share that doubled would have shares in the new shares that have been created. This would allow investors to be able to sell off portions of their shares more easily.

I still don't know if NFTs are the way to go to make something like this happen or what. All I know is that I would like for people to be able to freely exchange their voting rights and for these voting rights to be able to be verified for voting purposes.

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