Basic Attention Token – From the brilliant mind that brought us JavaScript, Brendan Eich.

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Basic Attention Token – From the brilliant mind that brought us JavaScript, Brendan Eich.

I first stumbled upon BAT when I was looking for an internet browser alternative to Google Chrome. It was so CPU & Ram heavy even with a i7 6-core and 16GB of DDR4 Ram I was finding it was giving me performance issues, especially when I had a lot of tabs open. But thats besides the point, after reading some forums I saw mention of 'Brave Browser', which was described as an internet browser that is based on the Chromium web browser. This it looks and feels a lot like Google Chrome but the key difference is in its privacy and ad/tracker blocking settings that are built into the Brave Browser's code. Where my interest was peaked was when I noticed that I was rewarded with something called 'BAT' or 'Basic Attention Token' for the advertisements I was watching.

As I started to research more about the project I noticed it was founded by Brendan Eich, who first created the JavaScript programming language and later founded Mozilla. He himself describes the project as 'the new internet economy'.

The aim of the project is to eliminate privacy violations in advertising, which has become increasingly alarming in the last decade with companies stealing personal data and selling it to the highest bidder. Your personal information has become a commodity. The project also aims to connect advertisers directly with audiences with 'BAT', allowing advertisers to know their ad campaigns effectiveness without violating the privacy of its audience. They have 25 million active users.

If this project is successful in revolutionising the online marketing industry I think it'll make it a good investment and I personally believe in BAT's mission statement on an ethical level. The recent bull run has made crypto currencies more about 'gains' than the project behind the currency. I personally believe that p2p has the potential to change the world for good and I think BAT is a prime example of it fixing an industry thats become corrupt and disingenuous.

Here is a link to BAT's website for those who want to read the white paper and dig deeper


Oh and you can use it to tip people on Reddit which I thought was pretty cool

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