Awkward Bank Conversation and its Great Irony

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Awkward Bank Conversation and its Great Irony

Good day all!

Allow me to share with you a most awkward interaction that just occurred at the bank today. A friend had written me a check for a not insignificant sum and it was larger than the over the app deposit amount so I had to go in.

Me: Hi I'd like to deposit this check please

Teller: Yeah sure.

>He then takes the check and when he looks at the amount gets this look like I just slipped him a piece of paper telling him I was robbing the bank. Queue 10 minutes of watching him type on computer.

Me: Is something the matter?

Teller: Can you tell me what this money is for?

Me: I could but I fail to see how it is relevant.

Teller: Well it is.

Me: Okay why?

Teller: Because I don't see any transactions for this amount previously on this account

>Okay so in the guise of trying to pry in to our business you just freely revealed that the account doesn't transact this way historically. A Social Engineer would already be pleased.

Me: I fail to see how that is relevant.

Teller: Do you mind if I call this individual?

Me: Of course not. I will text him and tell him you will be calling.

Teller: Please don't do that.

Me: He will absolutely not pick up the phone for a random number and if you are not going to cash my check without talking to him its the only way he will pick up for you.

Teller: Can I see what you are texting.

Me: Most certainly not. (At this point I am quite pissed. I have been doing business with this bank for 11 or so years)

Teller: *calls friend after I text him* Proceeds to ask the amount of the check, whether it is for me, and then asks again what the money is for. I can hear my friend say over the phone "its in the memo" which has written in it 'private work.' (That is both true and also a decent joke that I hadn't seen up until that point)

Me: so can I get my check deposited please?

Teller: Yes thank you for your patience

Me: Uh huh. I know you are trying to protect people with this but there is a privacy concern when it comes to asking questions like that.

Teller: What do you mean by that?

Me: Nothing. Is there anything else?

>Teller hands me the receipt

Nothing I like more than being treated like a criminal at my own bank. I'm sure that dude made calls or notes on our respective accounts after that. The great irony is that my friend was writing me a check to pay me for cryptocurrency. Fuck banks. I can't wait to never work with one ever again.

EDIT: Yes I get that the guy was doing his job. Yes I get that the direct sale of something is a taxable event and I already pay taxes on crypto profits so I have no problem with the IRS getting its due. Yes I get that you think you can understand the tone of both of us but just think about any other business asking a question this bluntly when so far your other interaction has been "hello"

– Cell phone store: Who are you going to be calling and why?

– USPS: What are you shipping and why?

The dude straight asked to see my phone! Everyone here should stop pretending that they'd love to hand their cell over to a stranger and see it as completely normal.

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