American News Magazine Time to Accept Crypto for Subscriptions, Firm Auctions 3 NFT Covers

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American News Magazine Time to Accept Crypto for Subscriptions, Firm Auctions 3 NFT Covers

American News Magazine Time to Accept Crypto for Subscriptions, Firm Auctions 3 NFT Covers

The American news magazine Time has revealed it is getting into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, as a new job listing shows the 98-year-old publication is in search of a chief financial officer (CFO) who understands bitcoin. Additionally, Time will be selling non-fungible token (NFT) assets via Superrare and in 30 days, the news outlet will be accepting crypto assets for digital subscription payments.

American News Company Time Is Looking for a CFO That Understands Bitcoin

A job listing posted to Linkedin shows that Time magazine, the American publishing company, plans to hire a new CFO who understands bitcoin and blockchain technology.

“The media industry is undergoing a rapid evolution,” the job advert notes. “Time is seeking a Chief Financial Officer who can help guide its transformation.”

The job offer also states that the interested party must have “comfort with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies” according to the listing’s qualifications section. Additionally, the individual must have over seven years in executive leadership positions.

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Time Sells NFTs, Magazine Will Accept Digital Currencies for Digital Subscriptions Soon

In addition to looking for a CFO who understands bitcoin, Time is also auctioning off non-fungible token (NFT) assets based off of iconic cover designs. The publisher is auctioning the NFT called “Is Fiat Dead?” on Superrare with two other NFT covers. Currently, the highest bid for the “Is Fiat Dead?” NFT is 27.5 ETH or roughly $46k. The Time magazine special edition NFT is a repurposed cover from a cover published on April 8, 1966, called “Is God Dead?”

“The typography on the two most recent covers needed to be hand-drawn,” Time explains on the Superrare auction website. “As we could find no modern type foundry which has an exact interpretation of the one used on the original cover.”

Lastly, in another move from Time magazine, the company’s President Keith Grossman tweeted that Time will be accepting crypto assets for payments in the next 30 days. Collectibles will always be important but Time’s crypto ambitions are larger as we continue our digital transformation,” Grossman tweeted.

“Within 30-days, Time will accept cryptocurrencies for digital subscriptions with more to come via Julia LaRoche,” Grossman added.

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