Advice about stuck transaction? (I’m very new to this)

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Advice about stuck transaction? (I’m very new to this)

I'm very new to this whole thing, and I have been looking into NFTs and how to start selling them. I'm kinda low on funds right now, and so I only had enough money to get about $25 worth of ETH. I'm using Opensea to sell my NFTs, but I have to pay a gas fee to initialize my account apparently. So I set up a 0 ETH transaction, and metamask wouldn't let me pay it unless the gas was equal to all $25 I have in my wallet. The transaction has been pending for about 14 hours now, and metamask says I don't have enough gas to cancel it. And I don't have any more money in my wallet to speed it up.

Should I just sit here and wait for a miner to pick it up? Will it eventually cancel itself if it's taking too long? It's my first transaction, so the Nonce is 0, so I'm not sure If I can cancel it by doing that nonce-switching trick. And even then, I don't know if Metamask lets me change the nonce.

P.S.: Are gas fees ever going to get lower, and if so, about how long until this happens?

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