The collapsing of Turkish Lira, and Crypto’s role in all of it.

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The collapsing of Turkish Lira, and Crypto’s role in all of it.

As you might have heard the news, Lira is collapsing to the point where this shitcoin was devalued by %15 against the American dollar, in as single night. But wait I hear you say, "How is a whole ass country currency is that volatile?"

Well, it is because the whole country's fate is decided by the whims of one man. The dude has decided it was a good idea to ban a law that protects women's rights in a country with one femicide per day anf fire the governor of the central bank pretty much in the same sentence. In the middle of the fucking night. When %90 of the people whose life was basically destroyed by him were sleeping.

Worst of it all his supporters were celebrating on the streets, saying the ban is good for preserving "Turkish family values" and "their way of life", most of the supporters being women. Also, the governor that he fired made a public statement thanking the president for firing him lmao.

The already collapsing economy got worse by Covid and the half asses lockdowns that were put in place, where it is not allowed for a restaurant to serve food even in an open area but it is allowed for millions of people kissing and hugging each other on the streets because Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque by, you guessed it, the wishes of the president, who is also okay with getting 100k people together in a stadium cheering his name while he is making a speech about how the whole Europe is jealous of us.

We distanced ourselves from every ally we have, managed to piss off countries that had no problems with us and we continue to be enemies with our neighbors for things that have happened in million fucking years ago.

So at this point, nobody wants to the anything with us. We are stuck in a country that has taxes so heavy if you wanted to buy a car, or even as simple as something like a PC or a new phone, you basically buy the government two more lmao.

Now why is this rant relevant to crypto you say? Because Google searches for "Bitcoin" in Turkey understandably soared last night. Nobody wants to hold a shitcoin that is unstable as Lira which has done nothing but go down for the past decade. This is why crypto is so important, and this is why it is the future for many of us who has been fucked by the man for so long.

Tl;dr: The last paragraph. The rest is a rant by a dude who loves each and every one of you and this community and had to get it of his chest. Stay safe my friends, and always HODL.

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