Profit switching on Zergpool ETH to RVN?

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Profit switching on Zergpool ETH to RVN?

So I recently diverted my mining attention to Ravencoin after mining ~400 DOGE with Zergpool profit switching. I liked it because it required no OC of my core clock, only of my memory, which with an aggressive fan curve I prefer for less wear and tear.

Anyhoo, that leads me to my question,, I've been on 2miners and have gotten about 10 RVN over the last 24 hours (GTX 1070, +160 core, +125 memory, 75% power limit, 80C temp limit).

I tried doing profit switching with zergpool from ETH to RVN (same way I've been mining DOGE) but I'm not seeing my wallet pop up. Is it not possible to mine it this way on Zergpool? I can mine directly using their strat address, but not profit switching.. am I missing anything?

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