Funds are being held hostage by Binance.

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Funds are being held hostage by Binance.

I have been struggling for weeks now with a verified Binance account and everytime I write on r/binance they delete my post. Many peoples funds are trapped. Thousands of dollars are held hostage.

Two weeks ago I wrote to the help center and all they are doing is bumming me off. Please check Binance sub reddit, new posts. The reason I am writing this is not to share my frustration and the amount of opportunities I have lost, but to create awareness that it has become a real problem and situation. I do not recommend Binance to anyone, the customer support is a joke. I don’t know what will happen. If there is anyone else in the same situation please upvote this post. Our voices need to be heard.

Edit: Binance Global not U.S.

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