Weekend price drop

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Weekend price drop

Hello all,

I'm pretty new to the whole Crypto world (started in january) but oh boy, it does feel like it's been years xD I'm still getting used to it and still learning and still feel I know nothing.

What I'm trying to understand now, is how comes the crypto market usually dips on weekends? I haven't invested a lot yet, I fixed a maximum budget to invest longterm and I am investing a fixed sum every saturday or sunday because that's where usually the prices seem to be the lowest since I started. What I can't figure out is why it usually drops on weekends. Does it happen naturally because the prices grow during the week and people start selling on friday? Is it because the stock markets are "closed" on weekends an so people do more transactions in cryptos? Is it because no or less new announcements are made on weekends? I did not find much on the matter so any help to understand this will be highly appreciated.

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