Unpopular Opinion: The Cryptosphere Won’t Experience a 2018-like Bear Market Ever Again

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Unpopular Opinion: The Cryptosphere Won’t Experience a 2018-like Bear Market Ever Again

There's a lot of talk in the sub about how the cycle is going to end, and we should all get ready to be hurt again and bleed out all of this bull cycle's profits. Most of this talk is coming from the 2017-2018 hodlers.

While I share some of these fears, I don't believe that is going to be the case.

The tides have turned on the cryptosphere. This is not 2018 anymore.

Even if we take a downturn, it will be more like a Wall St. stocks type of bear market, which for those who have been in crypto for a while is basically a walk in the park.

I truly believe that the space has matured. It still has a long way to go, but there is absolutely no reason for BTC and ETH to go down 80% (not taking into account extremely legislation against crypto and similiar black-swan events, of course).

What will happen once we enter the next bear market, is a much calmer, sideways trading and smaller decreases that are followed by more stagnation and side-trading.

Sure, many weak hands will sell, but hey…

2017 veterans will be buying the dips and DCA-ing hard this time, they will want those sweet 10x-20x gains that they've missed out on sitting on their hands since getting burned and shying away from crypto. Not this time. They are waiting for that 'crypto winter'.

They will be followed by the 2020-2021 newcomers that won't be easily shaken after realizing the current sentiment of 'this time I'm gonna buy the bear market!'.

Institutions are going to be buying the dips even harder because they now know what's up.

To summarize:

We will naturally see another bear market, yes, however, it won't be NEARLY as bad as going 80% down for BTC and ETH (some weaker alts may suffer harder though, but we're focusing on the main duo here).

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