This is getting ridiculous!

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This is getting ridiculous!

People need to understand that there are so many different cryptocurrencies out there, and they all (most?) have room to grow together.

The daily thread is such a great place for people to throw ideas and information around, but it seems that if your comment doesn't mention one of the more popular tokens or project, you are downvoted. It's insane!

It's such a good tool for us to use. If somebody has stumbled across a solid project and chooses to share it with our community, why are we punishing them for that?!

Several times I have mentioned different projects, and have been met with downvotes and comments saying "nice shill". It's a DYOR thing, not shilling at all.

We need to consider ourselves a team here. So much potential in this space that we are so lucky to be in right now.

Anyway I'm done rambling, I hope everybody except for paper handed people have an excellent day/night!

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