Discords that discuss Ravecoin.

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Discords that discuss Ravecoin.

I found a couple of groups on Discord. Thought I'd share some. Please share yours.

Satoshi's Data.

Tutorials, very active trade channel, mainly focused on mid term HOLDs and daily trading. They make calls on coins and usually get them right. Not very big, very good with newbies. They have a dedicated Ravecoin channel and discuss trading strategies. English only.



These guys are huge, tons of activity. Chaotic to say the least. But it has proven useful. Love their pump analysis.


Chad's Crytpto

Another big one. Hectic but very popular. Gives you insite on some less popular coins.


If you want, check them out, as far as I can tell they are not p&ds. A couple of them are bindaas for sure.

Any other groups that you recommend? Please don't suggest pump and dump groups. There's enough of those.

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