VeChain or the blockchain wanted by big businesses

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VeChain or the blockchain wanted by big businesses

Hey folks! This is my first post on r/CryptoCurrency. Please let me tell you some info about one of the coins that I researched a lot: VET (especially for those of you who don't know what VeChain is):

VeChain (VET) is quickly emerging as one of the hottest crypto assets by providing blockchain capabilities for the global supply chain.

VeChain technology has supported digital business transformation use cases for blockchain solutions in industries as diverse as fashion, wine, automobile, food safety, carbon emission reduction and agriculture. It is also certified by TUV Saarland.

Its work with Enterprise users like BMW, Walmart China, Deloitte (one of the Big Four accounting firms), Penfolds, (one of Australia’s oldest wineries), Bayer AG (the Big Pharma company), DNV-GL ( an international accredited registrar and classification society) and PwC ( PricewaterhouseCoopers – biggest audit company in the world ), IBM, Cisco, Dell has shown that big names are willing to trust VeChain’s technology to help them take advantage of the blockchain revolution.

VeChain uses a two token model. VeChain (VET) is used as a payment method in the VeChain ecosystem and allows stakers to earn VeThor (VTHO). Users use VTHO to pay transaction costs, such as sending VeChain-based tokens or sending data to a smart contract (self-executing, computer-coded contracts that automate many business activities) .

The unique two-token system (VET+VTHO) significantly helps separate the cost of using blockchain from market speculation. Due to the correlation with the blockchain resource utilization, the cost is more predictable with the monitoring of the VTHO supply and demand. In addition, Foundation's governance mechanism further stabilizes the cost.

VeChain's Blockchain-as-a-Service ("BaaS") platform is called ToolChain. ToolChain is a comprehensive blockchain platform offering diverse services including: product lifecycle management, supply chain process control, data deposit, data certification, and process certification. With ToolChain, any sized business, no matter how large or small, can utilize blockchain technology to further enhance brand perception and value as well as to expand into new business models

If you click this link below you will find all the partners that work with VeChain( the list is massive and comprehensive):

The official websites are:

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