My own experience with Emblem Vault

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My own experience with Emblem Vault

It is not a brand new shitcoin by any means. It is a platform called Emblem Vault which allows you to create a sort of ‘vault’ which can contain and allow you to trade “as many tokens as you want at the same time” and this extends to both NFTs and crypto coins.

So for example you could create a trade-able vault containing 60% BTC, 20% Eth 10% Ada & 10% Polkadot… it is essentially a way to move liquidity of various forms under one container and they are compatible with a lot of different products.

Another example is you could add say 5 different NFTs into one trade-able “asset” aka vault. This is both very on-trend for what's going on with NFTs but also has numerous future use cases to be explored and developed. They have an amazing looking website, a solid roadmap, a very active team (you can check their twitter @ CircuitsOfValue.

A very unique and useful product that works (you can check out their app too, through their website and overall huge potential for growth.

Also important to add, they are by no means a brand new, 1 week old project like some of the meme coins posted on here, but are still in the very beginning (and only about 60 million market cap). And just 600k total liquidity on Uniswap.

To do more research and for a link to buy on Uniswap, you can find all the info through their website and the coin is called COVAL.

It has gone up about 211% in the last 7 days but still hasnt even come close to the 2018 all time high, not to mention its potential and/or use case around the NFTs trend alone. I highly suggest you check this project out, and DYOR of course.

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