Ravencoin Asset Burn Cost Adjustment?

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Ravencoin Asset Burn Cost Adjustment?

When Ravencoin was ~$0.01 the cost of making assets was ~$5.00 after 500 burn fee, a price low enough for mass usage for low to high-value assets. With the price run-up, it now costs over $100 to make an asset, effectively making the usage of it for low to medium-low value assets ineffective. It is clear that as the value of the coin rises, the use cases diminish.

My question is then: Is it possible for this cost to be automatically, or manually adjusted? If not I see several outcomes:

  1. The cost of using Ravencoin is too high for most uses, maybe Ravencoin should only be for high-value assets?
  2. The price is kept down, even as usage increases
    1. Transaction speeds will slow as miners won't mine if the difficulty goes up without a price increase.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this.

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