Quick Beginner’s Guide for Creating and Listing NFTs

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Quick Beginner’s Guide for Creating and Listing NFTs

This is something I recently learned through trial and error, so figured I'd share what I found to be the best and easiest process. Disclaimer: there are many different wallets and marketplaces, this is just what worked for me. I have no affiliation with any of these companies beyond being a user.

  1. Create a free web3 crypto wallet. There are many out there and for these purposes web3 = integrated with your web browser. I use MetaMask.
  2. Set up your wallet, connect to your browser. Create a password, store your recovery phrase somewhere, etc. If you use MetaMask, you can manage it as an extension in Chrome, Brave, etc.
  3. Join a marketplace. I use Mintable because there are no gas fees. I first tried Rarible which charged about $7 USD to mint an NFT. For this reason, I think Mintable is best for beginners.
  4. Connect your wallet to the marketplace. Simple click and accept within your browser.
  5. List an item and mint your NFT. Listing creation is similar to eBay and Facebook MP – just add a title, description, category, and upload your file. When you post, you will sign within your wallet to authorize the blockchain transaction and an NFT is born!

Hope this helpful. For those already selling NFTs, let us know what's working well for you.

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