OKExChain Partners with Cosmostation to Enable Secure Staking

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OKExChain Partners with Cosmostation to Enable Secure Staking

OKExChain, the world’s first trading chain created by renowned crypto derivatives exchange and trading platform OKEx has partnered with Cosmostation to provide a secure staking environment to its community. The latest partnership is among many OKExChain has entered as the ecosystem continues to register rapid growth.

The expansion of OKExChain is supported by many partners including wallet providers, smart contract auditors, DeFi dApp developers and blockchain security specialists. Cosmostation is a popular enterprise-level validator provider and end-use application developer specializing in DeFi solutions. It can be seamlessly integrated with various proof-of-stake networks on Tendermint Engine and Cosmos SDK.

Announcing the partnership with Cosmostation, CEO of OKEx Jay Hao said, “We’re extremely impressed with the work the OKExChain team has done so far in building out its ecosystem to make it as robust and user-friendly as possible. We’ve seen several major partnerships already this quarter and are thrilled to welcome Cosmostation as a trusted node operator on OKExChain. With its dedicated focus on trading, OKExChain is cementing its role as a serious contender in the DeFi economy.”

In the OKExChain ecosystem, Cosmostation will be acting as a validator node to support the staking process. The integration comes as a welcome addition, enabling users to earn rewards by staking the native OKT token. In addition to being a node validator, Cosmostation will also provide various secure, user-friendly tools like non-custodial web and mobile wallets and the widely used Mintscan Block Explorer for Cosmos-SDK-based networks.

To provide a flawless experience for users looking to launch dApps and digital assets on OKExChain, the platform has onboarded Chains Guard, Beosin, Certik, PeckShield, KnownSec and Chaitin as partners since the beginning of this year, with more on its way in the coming days. As a result, OKExChain is on the verge of creating an industry-standard, highly scalable open-source blockchain with a fully audited codebase that is resistant to almost all security threats.