Lindsey Lohan Jumps Into NFT Market Auctioning Her Own Creation

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Lindsey Lohan Jumps Into NFT Market Auctioning Her Own Creation

The famed American actress, artist, singer, and entrepreneur is set to auction her exclusive collectibles on a Tron-based NFT auction platform, joining the chorus of celebrities promoting coins and projects in the blockchain ecosystem.

Hollywood Star to Promote NFT Education & Adoption in Upcoming Clubhouse Session

The recent non-fungible token (NFT) asset boom has seen no shortage of participation from both the crypto ecosystem and celebrities seeking to join the latest craze. Lindsey Lohan is the latest Hollywood personality to join the trend with her upcoming collectible sale, following several high-profile auctions which have illuminated the NFT space and its potential.

With an event set for March 20th, Lohan will be auctioning her exclusive NFT on the Tron network. The move puts the spotlight on Tron’s capabilities, which is increasingly considered a viable alternative for NFT auctions given its lower transaction costs and higher performance relative to the events currently hosted on other networks.

Highlighting her excitement to be working with Tron’s Founder, Justin Sun, Lohan will be joining an upcoming session on Clubhouse with Sun and T-Mobile’s former head John Legere. The session will cover her artwork’s launch, bring more information to the audience concerning NFTs, and focus on the ongoing adoption drive.

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Hollywood Crowds Into Crypto Promotion

Lohan has slowly tiptoed into the NFT space after affirming her crypto support in a February 10th tweet aimed at her 8.4 million Twitter followers. Her four-word tweet and rocketship emoji, “Bitcoin to the moon,” quickly received widespread attention both in the crypto-sphere and pop culture circles, adding to the viral nature of pronouncement.

No stranger to controversy, her tweets concerning defi has been on the receiving end of some sharply-worded critiques from within the community after she highlighted Tron’s advantages for defi applications compared to competing networks.

Given her limited background in the space, the Twitterverse was quick to pounce on her inexperience, quipping that she and Sun seemed very chummy all of a sudden.

The trend of Hollywood A-listers promoting tokens and projects is no new occurrence given the opportunity to monetize their celebrity cache. The latest pickup in interest has accompanied the steep climb in crypto prices, attracting serious entertainment names, including Gene Simmons, Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, and even Soulja Boy.

The Clubhouse session with Lohan and Sun, March 18th at 10:30 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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