Capture the Flag challenge : Shut up and take my $5000

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Capture the Flag challenge : Shut up and take my $5000

After the Iota Stronghold release, there is currently an ongoing challenge. Briefly :

Somewhere, hidden in the blog page of the IOTA stronghold release, you can discover a flag (clue) that will help you to find a Stronghold Snapshot. This snapshot was created using the Stronghold CLI at git revision 93d1dfa12235f4c769a714a1cf39a4222b4ecc27 . Once you find it, the rest of the CTF is 100% self-contained in that snapshot. In other words, there are no external resources available anywhere to help you, so really, do not waste your time trying to break into any other systems.

In the snapshot's store, there is a flag to prove you got inside. The vault, however, contains a current IOTA Mainnet seed in a secret vault/path that is another flag. This seed holds 3.78 GIOTA. At the time of this writing, that has a value of ~5000 USD. The only prize is the Seed.

More infos :

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