9 Classes in World of Crypto MMORPG (Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Warlock and more!)

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9 Classes in World of Crypto MMORPG (Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Warlock and more!)

Warrior Hodler: No intelligence needed but extreme strength of diamond hands 💎🙌 required. Starts weak but very strong in the late game. A great Warrior Hodler is sometimes given the exalted title of "Whale".

Mage Developers: Guardians of the Blockchain, able to cast Hard Fork spell. High intelligence needed to understand the arcane intricacies of blockchain. Their leader is Vitalik the Exalted, Grand Magus of the Ethereum.

Rogue traders: Able to deal high critical-strike profits through use of leverage. Fragile, may get liquidated easily. Able to learn the skill of "catch the falling knife".

Warlock Shorters: Able to cast Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) spells. Loves Red Candles caused by the Blood of Dips. Not well-liked and shunned by the Crypto community. The greatest Warlocks can sacrifice their Tokens for Red Candles, known as the "Short Ladder Attack".

Paladin Validators: Similar to Warrior Hodlers, but they also Stake their coins by validating transactions with their Seal of Righteousness, slashing any enemy nodes that try to corrupt the World of Crypto.

Hunter NFT-collectors: Often seen collecting pets like cryptokitties. They are also experts at detecting "Bear Trap" technical signals.

Druid Coin-Wrappers: Able to shape-shift by wrapping itself with Ethereum. Certain animalistic forms they can transform to are Wrapped Doge, and Wrapped Ravencoin.

Shaman Side-chains: With their totemic bridges, they form a link between the spiritual Ethereal World and a World with Lower Gas. Able to cast Chain Lightning-Network, making transactions fast and cheap.

Priest Bug-finders: Adept at patching bugs to Heal the Blockchain, priests are able to rejuvenate the Blockchain and dispel any signs of corruption, before it is too late.

Nay-sayers NPC: Unable to earn any profit from crypto. Says a lot of words but no actual role in the game.

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