Real world Nano adoption by McDonald’s!

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Real world Nano adoption by McDonald’s!

I just managed to get an extra large Big Mac meal at McDonald's without having to spend any Fiat!!

When going to pay at the counter, the cashier asked card or cash? I responded by saying that I can pay with Nano which is fast and feeless, arriving in their wallet in under 1 second.

She looked a little funny at me and said they only accept Visa or Mastercard. I responded by saying that this isn't dirty centralised fiat money which is being hyperinflated to nothing by "money printers going brrrrr" (I made hand signals to emphasise how fast the printing is).

At this point she looked really scared but I think that's because she understood the reality how badly the dollar value is being inflated.

She called her manager to presumably explain this amazing opportunity, whilst I pulled out a map of some Nano faucets we could go to and test out how amazing Nano is.

The manager said I can take the meal if I promise to leave immediately. I'm assuming it's because he was so excited to close up and start adopting Nano.

I can't believe it, not only is Nano fast and feeless but it also gets you free things!!! This is real world adoption and I can't wait to get every single McDonald's on the Nano train.

P.S. Please don't harass front line workers. Remember that most people don't know about cryptos and try not to come of too strong when trying to get adoption.

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