ENS Domains vs MEW – Gas Prices

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ENS Domains vs MEW – Gas Prices

Hey everyone,

Can someone explain to me the difference between registering a new ENS name on ens.domains compared to myetherwallet? Has anyone used myetherwallet to register an ens name, is it really .01 eth in gas fees as mentioned in this article – https://kb.myetherwallet.com/en/dapps/register-ens-domain/ or maybe the article is just outdated, and the price is the same as ENS.domains?

I'm comparing the two, and if the above article is correct, MEW is mentioning gas fees of $18-$36usd, while ens.domains has a gas fee of $127, just for a $5 name (5 char).

Hope someone can clear this up for me, I'm a little new to the space.


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