Adopt a Dog, #AdoptaDogecoin

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Adopt a Dog, #AdoptaDogecoin

Adopt a Dog, #AdoptaDogecoin

Hey r/CryptoCurrency!

We're Finn — a small company that makes dog vitamins and really loves dogs. We just launched #AdoptaDogecoin — our mission is to send doggy adoptions to the moon 🚀!


  • We bought 100k DOGE, and we'll send anyone who adopts a shelter dog 500 DOGE.
  • We're accepting DOGE payments on our site, and donating 100% of profits paid in DOGE directly to shelters.
  • We'd love your help spreading the word.

Why are we doing this? We thought this could be a really neat way to find lots of loving homes for lots of loving dogs. Dogecoin and the DOGE community are much special. We like using the internet for good thing.

How's it work? We'll send anyone who adopts a shelter dog 500 DOGE. Just send us a photo of your new best friend, your adoption certificate, and your wallet address.

How can you help? Well, lots of ways:

  • Adopt a dog! That's the ultimate goal, after all. Let us know once you do.
  • If you're a shelter (or you know of one) who would like to get involved, let's connect. We'd like to enroll as many shelters as possible.
  • Help spread the word: We've created lots of fun memes that you can share around. Send us some Twitter love and spread the word; you know the deal. The #DogeArmy is strong.
  • Get involved; we could use the help! We're a small team with a big idea. If you see an opportunity to add value or help out in any way, please reach out — we'd love to have you onboard — really.

Get in touch: We're here, ask us anything. You can also find us at:

Twitter: petfinn


DoOnlyGoodEverday. Let's send these doggies to the moon!

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