Thanks to crypto, I can now afford to add hot dog slices to my ramen noodles

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Thanks to crypto, I can now afford to add hot dog slices to my ramen noodles

Guys, I just want to post this humble brag and encourage all the noobs out there that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!

I started out buying OMG and ANT (before it became NEO) back in 2017. Those were the days! The summer of 2017 was popping and thanks to my gains, I went from eating ramen straight out of the pack to using boiled water to soften the noodles. Before my 2017 gains, my wife's boyfriend gained a lot of respect for me, and he even called me "brah" one day as he was picking up my wife for a hot date. Man, I was on top of the world!

Fast forward to 2018, all my gains was gone. Poof. Overnight, I was back to eating ramen straight out of the pack. I couldn't even afford the flavored ramen, just plain dry ramen with a generic label. No brand names for me. My wife's boyfriend went back to calling me Skid Mark instead of Regular Mark, and he never said "brah" to me ever again. I was a loser.

The bear market was rough. The crypto winter seemed like it would never end. But I was diamond hands! I hodled my coins and waited patiently. Then, it happened! The crypto winter was over and the bulls were back! Life handed me a second chance! My wife's boyfriend is back to calling me Regular Mark, and I think he's gonna call me "brah" again one day. I can't believe how lucky I am!

To celebrate, I bought a pack of hot dogs and put hot dog slices in my ramen! I still buy the non-flavored ramen cuz I want to save up and one day own a whole Satoshi. But I believe in my dream! And now my ramen tastes like boiled hot dog water, and I'm happier than I've ever been!

Just remember, if you believe in yourself and you hodl, you can achieve anything!

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