I created a Powershell module to quickly interact with the RavenMiner Pool’s API

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I created a Powershell module to quickly interact with the RavenMiner Pool’s API

Not sure if anyone on this sub uses powershell, but it can be useful for creating scripts to monitor your rigs or quickly just grab info about the pool you use and your receiving address on that pool. The API for the https://www.ravenminer.com pool looked really simple to use and so I made a quick little module for it. You can install the module by running powershell as Admin.

Install-Module -Name PSRavenMinerPool -Force -Repository PSGallery

or if you don't want to run it as admin you can run the line below to install it only for the current user

Install-Module -Name PSRavenMinerPool -Scope CurrentUser -Repository PSGallery

If you have any issues running the lines above you may need to register the PSGallery as a trusted repository.

The code is super short and sweet given how easy the API is, so I advise you to quickly glance over it so you know that it is safe to run. It is advisable to always review code you plan to run on your machine. You can review the code on my github or the PSGallery.

Also, please use the module responsibly by not running scripts that bombard their servers with API calls excessively or that violate their terms and services. For instance," As a user of the Site, you agree not to exploit or abuse Site features andor function to disrupt Site operations ".

Lastly, I did leave a receiving address in the help for Get-rvnWalletStatus if you want tip a raven or two if you found this module helpful, I really wrote it out of fun as I love powershell though.

help Get-rvnWalletStatus -Examples

One last thing, API's can change or become deprecated, so if the code breaks open up an issue on the github page, or if you have any ideas on how to improve the code.

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