Crypto has actually made me work harder in life.

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Crypto has actually made me work harder in life.

I never got a good education when i got out of highschool, I honestly worked minimum wage jobs for most of my life. Currently I work something that pays well enough, but still isn't career worthy and it's only part-time (Sometimes only 3 hours a day). I think about this a lot. In January I decided to invest some money into crypto and I watched my initial investment grow a bit. This really excited me.

It's now March and I'm so surprised how much everything has grown. This has sparked something inside me to try a little harder in life where I honestly felt things were quite hopeless. I decided to get another job after my part time job to help make more money, while also selling stuff i no longer use so i can make bigger contributions each week. If i can make enough money in this bull-run i'm going to use the profits to actually take a course in something and try to get a career oriented job. It's just been so hard to save any money while living paycheque to paycheque

I know i could have gotten this second much needed job long before investing in crypto but the thought of being severely overworked with two shit jobs for still very low pay just made my skin crawl and hate the system even more. It killed all my motivation to even try and i know that's on me, but the fact crypto has sparked something in me to try harder makes me hopeful for the future.

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