A NEO Reflection – Crypto Community. N3 TestNet feature list

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A NEO Reflection – Crypto Community. N3 TestNet feature list

NEO has often been a target of FUD and unpopularity within the crypto community, giving investors pause when looking at the chain. But the developers have non-stop continued work to innovate, since 2018 (and prior, of course). Its fall in price of 90+% (as that of most alts of the time, including ETH) further fueled the FUD or "hater" talk, and for inexplicable reasons, singled out NEO as the bag holder token. For these reasons, any talk regarding this token often fell on deaf ears outside of the NEO subreddit.
With that said, the longer a gem is overlooked, the better it is for those early birds and unpopular moonsayers, as fomo often floods in too quickly for an asset that is highly undervalued at a time, relative to its market – a sleeping giant. NEO is currently at or near #40 on the marketcap, despite existing or potential functionalities that are either comparable or better than its peers within the top 2 – 15.

With the TestNet of N3 going live in a matter of days, here is a short list of functionalities within this release: – Built-in Oracles (without the need for LINK) – NEOFS (decentralized file storage) – NEOID (X509 or DID standards) – Cross-chain (like DOT, but with polynetwork being Live today) – NEO governance (voting with GAS rewards) – Electable Validator Nodes (decentralization solution. Note DOT plans to take this same approach) – dBFT 2.0 (Developed by NEO & as used in NEO legacy and BSC) unforkable, thanks to this – adjustable GAS fees by coefficient for network fee management (yes, cheaper smart contract deployment fees, as well)

I can't emphasize how big it will be for developers to have all the needed tools within a single blockchain for effective dApp development, especially from a security standpoint.

I think what's to come in the coming days with TestNet and the coming months with MainNet will eclipses what is offered by most dApp platforms today, if not all (eyes only on DOT as a competitor, but NEO may be ahead in dev).

Don't get me wrong – this isn't a complaint about NEO's price today. With the end result being the same, given what I gather, I see this as an inevitably larger-than-life chain sooner or later. It's all the same to me if NEO suddenly reached price heights later, rather than gradually starting from now. Buy or don't buy for now, I promise, it won't affect the markets when they do come for this token.

My passing rant only regards the unfounded skepticism and the quickly fading fad of NEO-hate that people are entitled to. My only hope is that this rant illuminates the fact that this tech has completely pheonixed and evolved for industry needs, and that the bright flames are falling on blind eyes (or really effective, but cool, WSB sunglasses 😎).

Feel free to ignore NEO for now.. until it gets too hard to do so, later. If you know, you know 😉. My advice: never FOMO.

For those open-minded enough to keep up with the latest tech, I appreciate you!

Good beans to you!

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https://neo.org/discover https://neo.org/blog/details/4224


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