Time NFTs: Looking for co-founders

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Time NFTs: Looking for co-founders


I want to build a website using the ethereum blockchain that people use purchase the most valuable commodity, time, where NFT technology is used to designate a time and medium to communicate.

Let me describe an example:

Let's say Gordon Ramsay has time in his schedule to fill. He would go to our website, create a profile where he would list a few keywords that describe his expertise (such as cooking, business, etc.), and create a NFT(s) that designates the time (ex: 4:20pm on April 20th), length of the meeting (ex: 30 minutes), and medium (ex: zoom call with link) in which the meeting takes place.

Now lets say a user wants to learn more about cooking from a professional. I could go to this website, enter keywords or names for what I want to learn about or who I want to learn from, and a list would be generated of people who match your specifications who created these "time" NFTs. You could then bid or buyout tokens for specific meetings, which would then become void after the meeting takes place. This would blow Patreon, Cameo, and Masterclass out of the water because you don't need to subscribe to anything, and you don't need to rely on centralization to make sure creators honor the commitment. We would have each user rate the creator after the meeting, and if they gamed the system, the price of their NFTs would drop from market forces.

My vision is not just for cooking, but for anything and anyone. And not just the top level of professionals, ANYONE could create the NFTs and sell them. So if you couldn't afford a meeting with Gordon Ramsay, you could probably afford one from an unknown chef working at a nice restaurant downtown.

This would be a win-win-win. Creators get money and exposure for their expertise, users get to meet and learn from professionals, and we would put a small fee (%) on every transaction. Plus, it would be eventually become like the NFT art market, where the prices of tokens would fluctuate based on the creator's expertise and quality of the meetings. And with the upcoming ethereum update which will likely lower gas prices, we could prepare it now and roll it out then for a lower platforming cost.

If you are interested and would like to discuss more, please send me a message or comment below. I have no coding experience, but I would be pumped to start an LLC and split it evenly with people who could build this website.

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