/r/cryptocurrency is NOT /r/wallstreetbets or /biz/. We aim to create quality discussion here.

Cryptocurrency News and Public Mining Pools

/r/cryptocurrency is NOT /r/wallstreetbets or /biz/. We aim to create quality discussion here.

I feel as though it is only necessary to compliment that top thread in /r/bitcoin.

We try to create quality discussion. This sub has rules that we don't want to make increasingly stringent, but may have no choice but to make increasingly stringent. The last thing we want to do is allow discussion that would result in this sub becoming quarantined, if not outright banned.

Some commonly overlooked reasons why we might remove threads in this sub, for clarity's sake:
1) repost.
2) If the coin in your post is not BTC or ETH, but is in the top 50, we only allow 2 posts about it on the front page.
3) listing posts are prohibited. Imagine every day when a new coin hits uniswap…
4) referral codes are strictly forbidden.
5) All other reasons why we might remove threads can be found in our expanded rules.

EDIT: The awards are appreciated as always, guys.

EDIT 2: I feel like the sub is slightly becoming a hivemind of conflicting ideologies, "I made so much money that ____ event happened in my life" types of posts, and little else. While there is nothing wrong with these posts I feel like if that's the only content we're seeing on the front page, then we could be neglecting important info that is relative to any crypto projects out there. Imagine the next polkadot or cardano is up and coming on coingecko, but there are some users that only browse CMC and this sub – which has a few of those posts I just mentioned in this edit.

EDIT 3: We are always open to suggestions and healthy discussion about how to run this sub. Your feedback is welcome.

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