NFT – The Cryptobro Scam

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NFT – The Cryptobro Scam

Don't mean to be a wrecking ball to you builders but… I believe that all the artists who were promised a platform for selling their underappreciated artwork should consider that it's a hopeless venture.

It's all about that legitimization of the currency, more users with a guarenteed value increase. The people who spend millions on artworks are just trying to make news articles to perpetuate that cycle. Those same people have already invested a boat load in the currency and are waiting for onlookers to bolster their investment. No doubt they made the money they spent on the artwork back amost immediately.

As an artist you wont make your millions because the space is now flooded with other artists trying to make their millions. There are only so many articles that can be written, so only a small handful of artists make money.

Now you can argue that smaller scale transactions are being made by onlookers and a little bit of movement is happening. But for the majority, the promise of a new platform for artists is a lie and all the Cryto themed art will be a bad taste in every artists mouth once people realise it's not worth the effort.

Tie this along with the environmental impact, well fuck me, you got an army of disappointed artists and bad press, and soon you'll run out of moves and the next best thing is to sell sell sell and forget the whole thing!

Eh, I could be totally wrong about all this, anyway, in the meantime if there's any rich folks who wanna collaborate with me and make the next big news story, send me a dm.

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