I have made more money in unemployment and receiving money from the government for one whole year and investing in cryptocurrencies than working in an office full time during one whole year

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I have made more money in unemployment and receiving money from the government for one whole year and investing in cryptocurrencies than working in an office full time during one whole year

This trip in the cryptocurrency space started in 2019 and every day after my work I had more and more hungry to read about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I have invested more than the 70% of the money I got into cryptocurrencies, because since day one I have understood and believed in the value of some projects, especially Bitcoin.

In January 2020, I went unemployed. Then scared to be considered a failure for this society, I started to look for a job. I was looking for a job in my career during 6 months. After feeling some frustration (I won't deny you sometimes it wasn't easy to accept that after every interview seeing those negatives was easy to digest). I definitely have gotten used to rejection when it comes to hunting for a work. However, there was some point in 2020 after lockdown when many things were clearer to me while there was a lot of FUD in the street. Many things went through my mind and I thought that normal human beings like me are vulnerable to the fact of finding a job in order to be considered part of this society. In the country where I live people can live from the unemployment system, but you know, that is more a stigma for some people. I have never cared about what people think. I have always been myself and lived free.

Since then I have been reading and educating myself about cryptocurrencies full time non stop, from the morning until before I went to sleep. Let me tell you that it has been exhausting but it was more satisfactory than spending my life in an office 8 hours per day following instructions and attending meetings that sometimes made no sense. Don't get me wrong, I love to work, I have always been a person who loves to challenge himself, but my entrepreneurial mindset has been a bit hard to deal with for some Lead Managers in my sector and in some way sometimes it has made me feel wrong by following someone's instructions when I can do things better than how I was told to do.

One of the most important things is that since I went unemployed, I have made more money than when I was working. Isn't it incredible? I mean, this only shows the scammy system we are part of. Soon or later, people will realize that all this BS of inflationary system is just that, a tool to manipulate us. Crypto has taught me so much, more than what I learnt at school or university, more than those books I spent hours reading during the Master or hearing my parents or my family working hard for their futures. For what?!! This system is a scam and I am happy to be part of an alternative system, maybe crypto is not perfect, but nothing is worse than fiat. Fiat sucks, it makes you poor and stupid. Don't follow what schools, media or rich people say, because they only want you ignorant. Follow what you believe in and what makes you happy. I will 1k times follow crypto than fiat. Fiat has enslaved our generation, the generation of our parents, grandparents and so on. Don't follow that "caca", because that is what fiat is a big piece of 💩.

When it comes to crypto, I want that you know that I have probably made the same mistakes than you. I invested in some sh*tcoins, I have tried to trade, lost time following some "influencers" self called "experts". Let me tell you one thing. All of them look for their own interest, some of them are honest, but some others will sell their moms for 1 Bitcoin. Don't believe all they say, always question them and always try to DYOR or DCA.

Some days ago, I have found a job in crypto. It has been like a dream just to be involved in the space and a new project with a lot of room to grow and many more responsibilities to take than in former works. Now, I can take more decisions and these are influencing in some ways the path of the project. If before I was working 8-9 hours per day, now, I can say that I am even happier working 10 hours per day in something I really love and I believe in.

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