Ethereum in the 2021 Ultimate Crypto Tournament

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Ethereum in the 2021 Ultimate Crypto Tournament

Hi everyone, forgive the shameless announcement, but I’m a real person doing this and a nerd for tournaments. The only way I know to let people know about this is to blast messages. If this gets more downvotes than upvotes, I’ll F off.

That said, guess what…it’s tourney time and you’re in!

Ethereum is the #1 seed in its own bracket. Your opponent is 16 seed Nexo. Last year, ETH made it to the Elite 8. Good luck this year!

If you’re familiar with March Madness, or remember this from last year, you’ll get it right away. If not, this is how it works: Starting tonight at midnight, on Twitter @ UltimateCrypto7, there will be a poll for each game, open to all. The coin receiving more votes after 3 days will be declared the winner and move on.

Like last year, the Ultimate Crypto Tournament pits the top 64 coins (by market cap) in a single elimination tournament. Crypto is a collaborative, cooperative space with room for all, but we can still have some fun.

So, vote early, tell your friends, and may the best coin win! The games begin at midnight tonight and run until 11:59 pm PT March 18. or at


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